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21 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You $100+ Per Article Updated

For those who don’t have Word, send the story within the body of an email. Just complete the form and tell them your areas of expertise. A short pitch should be fine but keep your offer short and sweet. If writing isn’t your thing, they are also planning to set up a larger video presence and are looking for talented filmmakers and YouTubers to produce high-quality content for the site. Typically, writers who could come up with original concepts and execute them well have really reaped the big benefits.

Fans have been expecting a hardware update for the Switch line for a while now, with many expressing disappointment that the OLED Switch didn’t offer any significant upgrades. There have been many Nintendo Switch Pro rumors over the past few years, but the ongoing chip shortage that is affecting the industry might be holding it back. They pay $50 – $200 depending on the nature of your contribution. Sitepoint is an authority when it comes to web development, and they are looking for in-depth articles about HTML, CSS and SASS. International Living is a publication focusing on living and retiring overseas, and they are looking for articles about living and retiring overseas. They pay via Check upon publication of your article, within the first week of the month of publication.

It wants you to give something new and creative.

They pay cash for your tutorials and list-based articles so not only are you helping out fellow coders and designers but you are making more of a name for yourself as a freelance writer. Wow Women focuses on women, writers, and a monthly theme. I am not sure what they offer in terms of a link back to your own content in the articles but they do link back to your site from your Author profile.

Once set to publish, you will be paid via PayPal and start earning money online. Little India works with freelance writers to write articles and features on overseas Indians worldwide and stories of interest to this community. Our focus is on overseas and we are especially interested in identity issues affecting overseas Indians. Articles from India should have a strong overseas Indian hook. Features and essays typically range from 500 to 3,500 words. Columns and commentaries run from ,500 words.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Jewish Daily Forward regularly accepts submissions from outside contributors. Stories from outside the New York metropolitan area are in particular demand. The News section is looking for unexpected stories about the Jewish world. Fees differ depending on the intended medium, section and the work in question. Your editor should inform you of the rate upon commissioning your work.

This is why they had a “Write For Us” program before to get help in coming up with the different top 10 topics to publish on the site. You would get paid $50 via PayPal if the article you submitted got approved. So submitting an article or idea wouldn’t guarantee that you would get paid, it would have to pass their review first and get accepted before the company pays.

I want to do any online job and whatever the paying is. I write articles on animals, history and travel mainly. I made very good money submitting to Bubblews before they went out. Metro Parent Publishing Group is open to experienced freelance writers to help build the content of their magazine and website. Their general goal is to have a good mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to local parents.

For instance, you can offer to write 500 words for $5, or you could write resumes for $5 each. Granted, this is not going to make you a lot of money in the beginning. However, once you have enough reviews, you can start lowering the amount of work you do for $5, so you average cost per project will increase. You can also offer premium features for a higher price.

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