22 Should Know Words In Akan If You Plan To Visit Ghana

People in Ghanaian tradition greet each other with a phrase which means “good morning” during the day, so it is customary for them to take action through the day. It is frequent for Ghanaians to keep away from utilizing left-handed objects. Though Ghanians usually are not native speakers of English, a few of their residence languages may enable them to precise gratitude. In Ghana, the phrase “hello” is recognized as akwaaba.

For instance, if someone’s name is Kofi, you’ll say “Maayi Kofi” to greet him. Other widespread greetings embrace “Akwaba” and “Ebenezer” . Etisen etisen is a popular herbal drugs in Ghana and is known as the love capsule. In Ghana, there are multiple trip 2016 travel channel ways to say good night time relying on the area you are in. The most common way to say good night in Ghana is “Me ni ne wura” which means “I love you”.

Even although the continent has a variety of languages, the principal languages found across all 54 countries include Arabic, French and English. STEPHEN AWIBA, identified by his students as YAW, is the founding editor of LEARNAKAN.COM and MYTWIDICTIONARY.COM. He was born and raised in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital of Ghana, the place Akan is spoken as the primary language.

You can even practice saying “how are you” and “your friend”. If you say “hi” and someone solutions back, you can then continue with your conversation. So how do you introduce yourself to somebody without sounding like you’re from a big European country? When an individual first meets you, they’ll ask if you’re from America or Europe, and you must reply in the affirmative. If you wish to learn the language, Google Translate is a great place to begin.

You might leave behind any query or contribution you would possibly have regarding this lesson within the comments part below. Please support the project by sharing this lesson, and other classes on the internet site. To say you are lovely within the Twi language of Ghana, say “wo ho ye fɛ.” “fɛ” is a Twi language adjective that describes beauty. Click here to cost out journey insurance in your journey in just a few clicks.

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