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We are open to guest blogging and have a good base of regular contributors. Please format your post into lots of paragraphs, headings, and sub-headings. The topic must be on poker or predominantly on poker. You can mail us the article after making the full payment of ₹7,500 in advance.

All sources for articles will be clearly identified by Poker.org in the interest of transparency. Accountability – Poker.org goes to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of our news coverage. In the event that inaccurate reporting occurs, we will hold our writers accountable for correcting any mistakes or misleading information. We ask that all writers submit a Paypal Request for Payment for each articleThe title of the article must be in the request.

You agree to grant publishing and editing rights to your submission. Care to really go all out and write an excellent, lengthy, and engaging piece on poker? If I do I’ll happily give you $75 PayPal for your Herculean efforts and the opportunities to write more paid pieces for BTF. Gutshot Editorial has the final call on approving/rejecting your guest post-application. Gutshot Editorial will take the article live within 24 hours of receiving the payment from the guest authors.

Even when creating articles for the most strategy- and data-driven gamblers, remember that they are still human and the best way for us to connect to anything is through stories. And, there’s a great chance that readers on our website are searching for tips, tricks and trends to help them improve their game. They may further also be looking for strategic information to help them win more games.

Our writers are dedicated to producing high-quality content that will inspire the executives of the gambling industry. Also, you can build the search engine and domain authority of your website. You can diversify your link profile with niche links. In this modern tech-savvy world, you have to make sure that marketing methods comply with Google and other search engine algorithms. We atGuest bloggersprovide you the top-quality poker/ casino guest post services, gambling niche websites, permanent posts, and everything.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Is there a subject you’d like to discuss with our audience? They’re a great way to help others get their businesses off the ground and improve their financial situations by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Write for us to broaden your audience and gain exposure for your company and products on a well-respected website.

This is a forum for sharing your views and expertise. It includes writing beginner instructions, reviews, and general articles. We want to give a single, attractive platform to answer all queries and quench information desire.

Paid article submission will cost you US$ 50 for lifetime inclusion of single dofollow link. All submitted content must be 100% original, written by you, and not published elsewhere. Since I first launched Beat The Fish in 2005 the quality of writing in the poker industry has grown incredibly. If you’ve got a passion for poker and are an engaging writer I’ve got the most honest and diverse platform on the Internet to offer you. For the first time in over a decade Beat The Fish is now open to guest post consideration.

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