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You and I – use the words “you” and “I” to make the blog posts seem like a conversation. Besides quality guest bloggers, we are looking for long-term partners who would contribute to our SEO blog on a regular basis . Contact us and suggest the topics you could write about . Don’t forget to include the focus keyword for each topic.

You can get your marketing guest post in SEO published very easily if you collaborate with us. The guest posting services that we offer are very straightforward. All you need to do is just register with us and you will find all the high metrics websites right in front of you. Your blog is now listed under technology blogs that accept guest posts. You should include self-promotional links in a guest post as per its blog owner guidelines.

To use images and other media with SEO in mind, there are a few important things to remember. That said, an outline is a great space to write each of your headers. Writing these during your outline can make the process of drafting your blog go more smoothly. For example, say you run a lawn maintenance company and offer lawn mowing services. Someone searching for a lawn mower wouldn’t find your services online because that’s not what they’re looking for .


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I have been in the seo industry for many years, but this is the most comprehensive guides I have come across and have shared this with my staff. I just watched a video by Google, they say that up to 5 H1 are ok on a single page. Alex it’s almost covering all the SEO Tips, Thanks Again.

One of the leading culprits of page lag is large, heavy images. If you have several images in your post and each one is over 100KB, that can drastically impact your page speed. For an inside look into how Ahrefs can aid you in your SEO keyword research and beyond, check out our case study and exclusive interview here. After all, there are going to be other posts similar to yours so you’ll want your description to stand out above the rest. If the keyword for which you want to capture the featured snippet requires a definition, write an answer that’s no more than 58 words.

It’s a tough task to balance both and your tips to avoid keyword stuffing is good at this point. Contact us today and we will explain to you how easily your content can get a place on your favorite digital marketing guest blogging website. Above all, your blog post has to be a good piece of writing. When starting a new blog post, many bloggers just start writing, typing whatever comes into their heads.

I will be adding that once I found some blogs in that category. In case you know more blogs matching that category, please email me those. Stay up to date with the latest inbound & content marketing tips, tricks, and ideas… Include external links from trustworthy and top authoritative websites. Add a reference link to your statements, graphs, or reports to justify it.

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