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Your submissions have to be original, a good fit for our audience and must not have been published elsewhere. By writing email marketing for us, there are many channels to reach your audience, but you should prioritize your efforts with limited time and resources. As brands try to strengthen relationships with their customers through digital channels, it is important to find effective and inexpensive techniques. Email marketing tops this list, with its sheer accessibility, ease of use, and proven ROI.

Formatting is crucial to making your copy easy to read. Instead of sending exhausting blocks of text, divide them into paragraphs, bold the most important points and create lists. Your potential customers will have a chance to scan through the message and find the most crucial information right away. Also, you can use images, as they draw attention and help break up long pieces of text. Too many pictures can disrupt the key message of your email campaign.

We should reply within 5 business days to let you know if we want your topic. Email copywriting doesn’t end here, but by now, I’m convinced that you will be confident enough to write a compelling email copy on your own. If you have any further queries or suggestions at any point, allow us to address them for you. Personalization goes way ahead of simply using the first name of the reader, though I love it when first names are used. As technical or sophisticated as it may sound, most people don’t like to listen to industry jargon or “market-speak”.

Each card picture is a CTA in and of itself — click on any one of them, and you’ll be taken to a purchase page. The button copy is a pattern interrupt that will prompt the recipient to pause and think if they want to take the action. Here’s an example of an email I once received from this brand. Design-wise, it’s nothing special — but that’s the point.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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What does 30% off a GoDaddy product do for my goals? Will it let me adjust a small business’ expenditures on infrastructure costs, freeing up money for a new hire? That benefit is far more tangible than 30% off an undisclosed cost.

Make sure that you write the article as though you’re speaking to one person, not a group of people. As a Email Marketing Write For Us , you have many channels to reach your audience, but you need to prioritize your efforts with limited time and resources. The article reflects the writing style/tone of the marketing blog.

You should have content for every stage to reflect the buyer’s needs and push them forward in their journey. Lastly, demonstrate to your target audience that you actually know them. Ask a question in the subject line and provide the answer in the body of the email. Shorter headlines of five to seven words often perform well, but it’s important to test variations with your audience to find what works for them. For example, say you’re sharing news about a product update.

Content must be well-written and free of grammar and spelling errors. We are always looking for quality content from guest contributors. We are open to receiving these topics in both B2B and B2C context but we give first preference to the former. Empathic to our user’s challenges and ready to lend a hand. You may post your article with one category and up to 4 tags. Within 5 business days along with details on how to submit your completed article draft.

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