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That also means that we like to provide new takes and fresh content that hasn’t been done before, so originality is also high up on our list of priorities. If you’re still convinced you’d like to write for us, you will find more on how to do that below. Backlinks – You can add maximum 2 backlinks (1 do-follow and 1 no-follow). If the content consists of less than 1000 words, then you will get a single backlink. For further details you can mail us at , that will include the payment rate and other blog related queries. We accept articles that are thoughtful and engaging.

For regular guest writers , we will also create a dedicated author page and add you to our list of featured writers. To do so, please provide a small introduction about yourself. This should be around sentences as well as an image. We also reserve the right to reject pitches that do not fit the style or theme of our site. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the categories and subjects of our publications to get a better idea of what we’re looking for in a guest post.

You should always disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Thetastyworld.com providing an opportunity to submit a guest post into our website. With that being said, we require every piece to contain a minimum of 1500 words, must contain supporting and internal links, and is properly formatted. Passionate about iconic food creators, trends, great heritage food, local cuisine, street food, and fusion foods? Email us at with the subject line “Food Write For Us” to become a contributor today. You can place a maximum of 2 self-serving links, one to your site and one other to any social media channel in the author’s bio.

We are open for link exchange and sponsored guest posts. There are many benefits to writing health and wellness guest posts for us. By doing so, you can share your valuable knowledge and expertise with our readers, help them improve their lives, and build your own credibility and visibility in the process.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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By working for Renzorecipe as a writer, you’ll gain an audience much broader than you’d have had otherwise and your brand will attract plenty of attention. We have a unique readership of mothers that’s an invaluable audience to target. Contributing guest posts to the Food content network is a powerful way to maximize your audience and search engine visibility. Nearly half of marketers admitted in a recent survey that guest posting is their best technique for generating leads. If you can write for us Food on Renzorecipe every day, you broaden your reach and get more exposure to your work beyond the confines of your own site.

If any tables, diagrams, illustrations, or photos will be included, please indicate how many. Also tell us if your book will include references, footnotes, or appendixes. However, if you don’t want your name to be revealed, Honest Food Talks can post under a pseudonym, keeping your identity anonymous.

Please use at least 12-point type and allow at least one-inch margins on both sides, top, and bottom. Submissions should be one-sided and include page numbers. Please use letter-quality type so your manuscript is as clean and legible as possible. Estimate of the final word count—we understand that this is a rough estimate only.

For easy reading, each paragraph should not be longer than 3-4 sentences each. Where sensible, use subheadings to break up the text. Opinion – Do you have a strong opinion on something in the food and beverage industry and have research to back it up? Start a discussion about the latest food trends on our website. If are you want to write for us then please mail with your ideas on We don’t publish advertisements or promotional materials.

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