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Cindy Rynning writes about wine reviews, food, and wine pairings along with her interviews with winemakers and winery owners. Here on Grape Experiences, you’ll enjoy reading articles about my national and international travels, food & wine pairings, and more. Each article is meant to be an insightful and hopefully, entertaining way to help guide you toward your next wine experience. You need to carve out your online presence to position your brand in the market and invite consumers to savour your products. At Contese, we work with brands to create engaging website content, informative blog posts and sumptuous social media content.


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Trust that we do our best to respond to all pitches. Online content has a broad range, from a feature story to a courtroom case, depending on what is happening in the wine world. If I had a dime for every time I told someone what I do for a living and got a response along the lines of “Oh!

Join mailing lists and start attending events and tastings. Meet people, ask questions and write about your experiences. Use social media to get your thoughts out there, and put together a blog of your work, if for no other reason than to show potential employers what you’re capable of. Do you love wine and want to get started writing about it? We are also looking for good writers to contribute to California Winery Advisor.

Not all cheap wine is bad wine, but it is fun to write about. Our award-winning winery blog showcases life in Sonoma County wine country by sharing our passion for wine, winemaking, and the culinary arts. Jordan is a certified sustainable winery committed to wines and hospitality. Sam has industry-leading expertise in online PR, social strategy, e-commerce and news websites.

Joe and his friends were always exchanging information on great wine bargains and values. Why not create a blog where we could share our bargain wine discoveries with others. Europe’s No. 1 Fine Wine Investment Analyst and Investor. Follow this blog to get wine investment information. Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine blog offering news and views from our Masters of Wine and those with a finger on the pulse of the wine world. A place for thoughts and words on wine and the world….

This unique wine country website recommends which wineries are worth visiting and why. The site gives individual winery recommendations and maps out tours for visiting the best wineries in each California wine region. Independent writing about wine, travel and food.

Every website has a different lead-time because they get tons of submissions and queries, they do not reply to individual requests. They ask the authors to be patient and wait for their reply. However, most websites ask for follow-up in a week or two. In case they reject your pitch, work on it and send it again unless stated otherwise.

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