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My interest and talent in manual skills and passion for providing health services to the community instead drew me to the art of dentistry. I observed dental procedures and became familiarized to the dynamic work environment of dental offices. Once, there was a child who came to the office with an abscessed tooth, crying of pain. His mother, distraught and concerned, pleaded with the secretary for an appointment. The secretory was busy helping other patients, and unfortunately was unable to tend to the situation at hand.


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Seek out expert feedback, and do so early enough that you can review, revise, and implement any necessary changes to make your dental school personal statement the best it can possibly be. Your dental school personal statement should also express why you are a strong candidate and a “good fit” for the school and program, while stirring the interest of your reader. Review our blog, dental school acceptance rates to find out which schools are best suited for you. Again, narrative is a great way of doing this – people love stories and are often naturally drawn in by them. A dental school personal statement is your opportunity to show admissions committees who you are as a person and aspiring dental professional, aside from your CV, GPA, Dental Aptitude Test score, and other quantitative data. From a sports accident, to volunteer work in an underserved community, to employment in a dental office and an academic career that shows both mistakes and recovery, I have thought carefully about what dentistry is.

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