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The Manually Sort Folders extension provides the ability to vary the order of the folders for each account within the folders pane. It also has a tab permitting sorting the accounts. The account you set because the default account will be listed first in the folders pane.

I didn’t create my email accounts in the order I want them to seem, so I need to re-arrange them. Also, I’ll be including many more folders inside each account and I’ll want them in a selected order. Hi, first off, thank you for this post. I use Thunderbird and till I came throughout this great publish, I would edit the prefs file and rename the identity traces to rearrange them how I want. I by no means new acout the mail.accountmanager line which makes things much simpler. Second, I am blind and I really need to thank you for making the captcha-like challenge, one thing that a blind individual has whole access to.

Photo of Aral courtesy of Christina von Poser. PS – I cannot select just one message for the solution. It was a little little bit of both replies above. When I go to the link how to reorder accounts in thunderbird you provided, that looks like it will do what I want. But once I click on Download button, it asks me Save or Open.

Needs to evaluation the security of your connection earlier than continuing. The file you need to edit is ‘prefs.js’. It has far more than simply e mail account, identities and addresses but you needn’t concern your self with anything however those. There’s an addon that provides a wee interface to reorder the accounts the the folders pane and it does simply what it says it does.

In my case, 8 plus 6 was quite apparent and 100 percent accessible to me via my display studying software. I’m curious as to which plugin does this as a result of I’m excited about adding it to my website. Open the Add-ons tab (under Tools or the 3-bar menu icon) and enter ”manually search folders” within the Search, then set up from the subsequent tab. Open the Add-ons tab (under Tools or the 3-bar menu icon) and enter manually search folders in the Search, then set up from the next tab. By default Thunderbird sorts the folders of an account alphabetically. This extension lets you select a particular sort order in your folders, allowing you to place crucial ones on high, and manually organize them.

Unfortunately, the Folderpane Tools-plugin I used for rearranging my accounts in Thunderbird isn’t TB3 suitable (yet?!). Although it claims to work with all Thunderbird versions starting from it just throws out parsing errors with the current Tunderbird beta. After the desired account order is assembled by name, then one solely needs to sequentially lookup every account name in the ‘Value’ column and report its quantity (the ‘X’) to kind a listing which may then be formatted into the accountA,accountB,etc. String to be pasted into the ‘mail.accountmanager.accounts’ field. Years in the past I wrote a publish on reordering accounts in Thunderbird and lately discovered myself needing to do it once more.

Yes with the usage of the extension “Folderpane Tools” for thos utilizing Tb2. Then you might have found the right profile; be conscious of the path and cd to it. Thunderbird is an email & information shopper developed by Mozilla Foundation. It can be used as an various to Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express or VMware’s Zimbra and so on; and of-course it’s free.

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