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Unnatural outbound links will be taken down immediately. Our obligation is to follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Here you have to mention the subject like what your writing, for example, technology write for us or write for us technology or business write for us, etc. After that, the article can be sent in a Google document or Microsoft word document.

In addition to attracting more visibility for your small business, the Guest Post helps you strengthen your ability on a specific topic. After all, if you’re known to another viewer, you are going to get the credibility and thus place yourself better in the market on the topic you address in your content. When your articles are shown only in your domain name, it gets somewhat restricted to a specific audience; that is, the visitor profile that typically attracts your website or blog. In addition, we learn that content is a good attraction, and it doesn’t make sense to provide it to your customers rather than use it in your own small business.

Before submitting your post or article, please visit our website and make sure that no blog post has been posted on a similar topic before. Titles previously published on our website will not be accepted. The fastest-growing, feature and advance business & technology and multi niche blog. We are publishing high quality and informative articles which are useful to designers, developers, business owners, bloggers, Gamer, digital marketers, and so on. We express gratitude for your curiosity to write for TechnooHub.

You have to understand exactly what you offer and make it the main incentive, or better yet, an example of success in order that there are not any doubts when it comes to being hired. Techvimi is the fastest-growing community in the “technology write for us” field. Being a community blog, I always encourage upcoming bloggers to contribute an original blog at our leading technology blog. We have an implicit media platform where our team members live in different countries. So, you are free to discuss with us about work progress during any time of the day. Our editorial team will review your request and response you as soon as possible.

After publishing the blog, the article will be permanently staying with the website, and we should not ask for the article forever. Once approved and published, your article will be on our site forever. To be published on our site can be a new feather added to your hat. We are looking for articles that are at least words in length. Needless to say, no errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, etc. will be tolerated. Cross-check your writing for typographical errors before sending it to us for consideration.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Make sure content follows all procedures to be considered. Write For Us – is an online platform where you can find various topics related to technology, health, fitness, marketing, business, sports, education, entertainment, etc. And at, we offer you the opportunity to find articles for us.

# Be sure to include a headline and headings to add more value to our readers. Once your article is ready, send it to with the subject line ‘Article Submission’. Please fulfill the following requirements before submitting an article with us.

This approach has been helping my blog’s search engine rating. Therefore, you should give guest blogging top priority while creating an SEO plan for your website. We welcome writers in technology, health, fitness, marketing, business, sports, education, and entertainment. Moreover, we urge you to read our guidelines carefully before writing to us.

If you have an article ready or want to present an article idea you can send an email at techprate[@]gmail.comincluding the draft of the article. We really appreciate the great blogger, content creators, and businesses who want to post valuable content on our website. If you post your article on our website we will promote your content through our website and social media channels. Please don’t send us any promotional articles as guest content, if you are looking to advertise your company or brand with us, Then you can check here. Rather than promoting specific services, offers, or companies. Our readers come for Successful stories, Tips, and Advice on how to start and run a successful startup.

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