Textual Content Classification From Scratch

Synonymous with “jolly nose.” Grog-blossoms are the jewels typically set in a jolly nose. Continuations, coverings for the legs, whether trousers or breeches. A word belonging to the same squeamish, affected household as unmentionables, inexpressibles, &c. The origin of this phrase is unknown, but its use may be very basic. Colt, to fantastic a new juryman a sum to be spent in drink, by means ce certification e city bike of “wetting” his workplace; to make an individual free of a brand new place, which is completed by his standing treat, and submitting to be struck on the only of the foot with a chunk of board. Cock-eye, a term of opprobrium often utilized to one that squints.

At the start of time, he ventures in playful conjecture, all human beings had been hermaphrodites with double backs and flanks, 4 palms and four legs and two faces turned in opposite instructions on the same head. These hermaphrodites have been so highly effective and their delight so overweening that Zeus was forced to chop them in two, into a female and male half – and from that day, each certainly one of us has nostalgically yearned to rejoin the half from which she or he was as quickly as severed. Oral squamous cell carcinoma comprises 92–95% of all oral cancers . The incidence has been reported higher amongst men and patients older than sixty five years. Leukoedema is a common regular variation of the oral mucosa.

All these quietly soul-destroying features of single life, love guarantees to right. In the company of a lover, there want be virtually no limits to the depths of concern, care, consideration and license we are granted. We will be accepted more or less as we’re; we won’t be underneath pressure to keep proving our standing. It shall be possible to reveal our excessive vulnerabilities and compulsions and survive. It will be OK to have tantrums, to sing badly and to cry.

Is a blow with the proper hand given in exchange for one with the left, the counterer preferring to strike quite than to “stop” the blow.—Pugilistic. Corkage, money charged when persons at an resort present their very own wine—sixpence being charged for each “cork” drawn. Coppernose, a nose which is meant to indicate a partiality on its owner’s part for sturdy drink.

Jack-in-the-water, an attendant at the watermen’s stairs on the river and sea-port towns, who doesn’t mind wetting his ft for a customer’s convenience, in consideration of a douceur. By “our special correspondent,” and there are already indicators of this objectionable form of newspaper work finding its method right here. Should a customer of importance arrive in New York, the conversation which passes, or is meant to pass, between him and the reporter might be discovered minutely described, with an elaborate introduction. It is however truthful to Americans, however, to say that the gentleman to whom the credit, or discredit, of the invention of this technique belongs was a local of Great Britain, who invented many different startling Americanisms during his residence in New York. All affected phrases, having their origin in a most unpleasant squeamishness. With an individual,” to be even with, or up to him; also, to be on intimate terms, or in partnership, with him.

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