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Tracing its origin to the 14th Century, the Seven True Hausa States or Hausa Bakwai are generally recognized as custodians of the language. The house territories of the Hausa language lie on each side of the border between Niger, the place about one-half of the population speaks Hausa as their mom language in addition to one-fifth of the inhabitants in Nigeria. Ga and Dangme are spoken in a geographically steady area of southern Ghana, stretching about eighty miles alongside the coast west of the Volta River. Accra, the capital of the nation, is historically a Ga town, but within the cosmopolitan inhabitants of the modern metropolis the Gas are outnumbered. Ga is the name of the tribe and a Kwa language which is a part of the Niger- Gongo household and carefully associated to Adangme and together they type Ga – Dangme department within Kwa.

Speakers of the language in Ghana are discovered in the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Eastern, Central, Western and parts of the Volta area. Some of the subgroups of the Niger-Congo family are the Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Kwa, Nyo, Protou-Tano, Tano and Central Tano. Ghana is a country with seven major languages, and listed beneath are a few key phrases for guests to pepper in dialog. Many Ghanaians communicate English or Pidgin English mixed in with phrases from these local languages to create a particular way of talking unique to Ghana. Dagaare is a maternal language of the Dagaaba folks in Ghana and Burkina Faso with a growing population of about 1, since 2003.

It is spoken by Dagombas within the Northern Region of Ghana.. The Ghana language, also known as Ghanaian, is quite so much of West African languages spoken in Ghana. The language is a member of the Niger-Congo family and is expounded to the other languages of West Africa, such as the Yoruba and Igbo languages. Ghanaian is the official language of Ghana, and is spoken by about 60% of the population. Hausa Language in GhanaThe Ghanaian Hausa language is a distinct western native Hausa dialect-bloc with enough linguistic and media resources available.

On the other hand, those who reside in the Western Region communicate Nzema. In Ghana, there are about eighty languages which are various in all regions of Ghana. Ghana is a multilingual country in which about eighty languages are spoken. Of these, English, which was inherited from the colonial era, is the official language and lingua franca. Of the languages indigenous to Ghana, Akan is the most extensively spoken.

The Ghanesan financial system is also supported by a excessive level of producing, along with meals processing, textiles, and building. Many tourists visit Ghana’s many beautiful seashores and wildlife reserves frequently, contributing to the country’s economic system. Madam and Sir are the standard phrases for chatting with people in Ghana. If it’s needed, you must tackle them utilizing Captain for ladies and Doctor for men.

Different languages are spoken in numerous regions of Ghana. In Upper Western Region, the languages spoken embrace Gagaare, Birifor, and Sisaala. Ghanaians who reside in the Northern Region converse Dagbane, Gonja, Anufo/Chokosi, Mampruli, Mo, Deg, Nawuri, Chumburung, Birifor, Hanga, Konkomba, and Tampulma amongst different languages. In the Volta Regions of Ghana, the languages spoken are Akyode, Nkonya, Adele, Ntrubo, and Ewe. Kasem, Buli, Frafra, Kusaal, Kasem, and Koma are spoken by individuals who stay in the Upper Eastern Region of Ghana. The people who stay in the Greater Accra Region speak Ga and Dangbe.

It is the main language of south-eastern Ghana, however can additionally be spoken broadly in Greater Accra. In impact, and opposite to in style assumption,Twi isn’t the language. The language is Akan and Twi is only one of its dialects. The Twi variety, particularly quotes on moving to a new place the Asante Twi dialect, is very well-liked in Ghana, perhaps, probably the most spoken dialect of the Akan language. The recognition of this dialect has resulted in people complicated it because the language itself.

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