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Why Small Business Owners Should Write Personal Blogs

This is part of the reason why creating a content calendar is so important. It makes for a great blog post as it’s completely unique and offers a fresh perspective on your product or your niche. For a lot of solopreneurs, adding that first team member is an exciting event. As such, it makes for an engaging blog post and it introduces your new team member to your customers or clients. Show off how great your product or service is by sharing a success story from one of your customers.

Personal blogs are a powerful tool for small business owners. In a digital world full of dry, impersonal company blogs, one that shares the unique spark of your personality and passion can go a long way toward attracting your ideal customers. You can direct valuable traffic from business blogs that are known for accepting guest posts in minutes. It is a directory that helps in building startups with required information and tools. This site is currently accepting guest posting on categories like finance, marketing, leadership, survey and other related business topics.


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Your ‘About Page’ should address those two curiosities shoppers have to help with decision making. Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business. Your article or blog post should have information, meta title, and description. If you have a passion to create striking content, then go ahead with it. One more thing, There is no obligation to be an ultimate writer and blogger.

One of the keys to improving your online footprint is finding business blogs that accept guest posts. A good guest post can improve SEO, increase traffic to your website and increase your knowledge and unique insights into your field of expertise. Our list of 63 business blogs lists sites in order of domain authority, from highest to lowest. In general, the higher the domain authority, the more rigorous the editorial screening process. Grow your organic traffic and increase brand authority with

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