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That editor will be in touch with you to agree on a rate and a deadline for an initial draft. After you send the initial draft, the editor will reply with edits and queries. Writer and editor will then go back and forth through several rounds of edits. Pieces should be written in a conversational, journalistic style — as jargon-free as possible. Include links to and titles of sources you cite within the piece itself.

All of your writings should be well researched, related to the finance and insurance industry. Welcome to Insurance Clan, your number one source for all things insurance. We’re dedicated to providing you with Insurance articles, news and tips.

Although we prefer original content, we also syndicate existing articles. We do not accept traditional guest blogging requests from authors without extensive experience and expertise in our topics. We only approve posts with better information for our readers. If you are here to sell any product or service, our blog strictly prohibits it. We ask our guest writers not to do so in the name of guest postings.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Ideas that are unique generally stand out from the rest, and always have a better chance to get noticed. But it does not mean that you should make your article too niche, for that’s something which will never work on our website category. We only publish content related to our website category. Within 72 hours of your submission, we shall review your article and send you a reply – telling you when your post will go live or if there are changes we would want you to effect.

He should be capable of writing comprehensive user-friendly articles, which would contain all the relevant information in a concise manner. The writer should be passionate enough to share his/her information, ideas before the world. Try to include only relevant links, your blog page, authority site, and internal links for references. To become a regular contributor at Autohexa.com, here are some important tips that will help you to get your writing material accepted and published.

Almost everyone worries not only about their own lives but also about those around them. No one wants their loved ones to be left stranded without means to live. In so forth as possible many have turned their glance at various types of insurance to feel secure and safe even in the most troubling of times. This is one of the reasons why interest in insurance blogs have skyrocketed in the past three months. We prefer a short, attention-grabbing title and a brief and effective abstract.

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