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This usually consists of simply fixing language and grammar and adding any additional photos required to make the piece more visually appealing. However, this varies depending on the individual post. We have the right to accept or reject proposed links within the article as well as to insert additional connections. Evernest specializes in single-family houses, condos, small multi-family buildings, and HOA management. We currently manage over 12,000 properties for over 5,000 owners.

Please read articles related to real estate, construction, andhome improvementon the website to get an idea of the type of topics we accept for our website. If you are an engineer or project developer, contact us for publishing your guest posts on Light The Minds. You must own all of the photographs you use in the guest posting or provide the necessary copyright information with each image. We will not publish the content that is already published on other websites. Construction refers to the process of constructing something.

External links are included/inserted at $65/Rs.5000 per link. We publish content related to real estate only. Unrelated content on topics like casino, gambling are not published on our website. We are continuously in search of professional writers within side the Construction advertising region. We’re looking for human beings that need to write down blogs each day with new thoughts. Please write down for us within the constructing area because we experience revolutionary ideas and first-rate material.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We prefer fresh, original content that’s targeted to our readers. Come up with a plan to share the article on your social media accounts. And, this can be done over a few weeks or months. Once the team has provided their feedback, we will get back to you with notes of proposed changes. Keep in mind that we rarely accept the first draft of the articles. However, we will let you know if and when your article has been approved.

We as a group are very grateful to every person displaying their pastimes toward contributing content material to House Integrals. We are within side the seek of innovative writers who can offer first-rate content material for House decor. We reserve the right to format the submitted article to match our look and feel. You will be notified within 2 to 3 weeks if your post will be published on Sebring Design Build.

Much like how our readers will go to your personal blog or site to see your work, they’ll also visit your social media pages to see what you’re up to. This is a great opportunity for you to gain some new clients and contacts. All those passionate blogger who want to show their content writing skills and want to share on home decor niche are welcome to submit their guest post request. Lways remember to proofread your article before hitting the submit button so that you can correct any careless mistakes.

We highly appreciate your efforts and time that you put in creating an article that can meet our standard guest post guidelines. Sometime it may take a day or two to receive the reply from our end but, we check every single request and reply. Home decor “write for us” is the best way to increase your ranking, traffic and readers.

Our guest post services are so awesome that the clients have been loving them for a long time. On Propaura, you can write for us real estate, home decor, home improvement, finance articles to keep our blog section updated with quality content. We are looking for writers to submit guest posts, articles, reviews, and more.

Getting your hands in the real estate market is a great way to make money. Do remember that, content should be atleast 850 words. Thin content less than 850 words will not allowed and would lead to direct rejection of the “write for use home decor” request. In this world of online marketing, you can’t rank until you get featured by others.

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