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Our coursecan teach you this process in greater detail and you can go forward and carry this strategy out for companies on your own. It’s very easy when writing content to make a lot of vague statements without backing them up or explaining the reasoning behind them. Covering necessary topics thoroughly(i.e. the topics we need to cover in order to rank in the desired SERP). The mix of content that we typically prioritizefor our SaaS clients in the first 3 months of an engagement. Content creation is exclusively focused on top of funnel (i.e. non-purchase intent) topics. Position the client as a leader in the industry who knows the power of their solution.


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Our recent case study on scaling contenthas some great examples of this. The CRM company focused on SMBs producing yet another “Guide to sales outreach” that won’t teach an experienced sales leader anything they don’t already know. How to write SaaS content that actually drives business results (i.e. actual leads and product signups from readers). Even though you know your own business inside and out, it’s worthwhile to perform these “onboarding” activities internally.

It will force you to answer some tough questions. Namely, is there anything specific and original about your post or is it the same old content everyone else writes? If it’s the latter, you’ll have trouble writing a good introduction. In doing so, we can a) differentiate our article from other posts which may be uncategorized lists and b) make our post more useful or easy to navigate for readers, which can help with rankings. A simple example of this is breaking down a list article into categories that make it more useful to the reader. So, for our “best accounting software” example, we might categorize our list by business size (SMBs, enterprise, etc.), industry, or use case.

Occasionally we send calls calledMedium letters,personalized and exclusive content delivered directly to our followers’ inbox here on Medium. They are requests to contribute toour newsletter, asking for suggestions on a specific topic. We publish news based on current affairs, sports, technology, crypto and more. We ensure our readers proving authentic information of all topics. Share on social media, your email list, link to it from your blog, etc.

How you write has a huge impact on how your business is perceived, so be intentional. Online websites and blogs like cinejoia.tv have spent enough time to gain an audience; by guest blogging, you can use the audience to your advantage. Will help us expand our content for readers. One should not focus on creating a great platform but rather on creating a platform that is great for the readers. We try to post all the updated information without being unbiased. Send us your article or article ideas about topics mentioned above to

But for you to know the types of content we accept from you, below are some topics that our team picked for you. Alternatively, if this style of SaaS content marketing appeals to you, consider joining our content marketing teamas a writer or content strategist. And you won’t have to stress about getting your own clients or spend a bunch of time doing outreach to get them.

We predominantly focus on SaaS companies, but our topics benefit most all online entrepreneurs. Before you submit a guest blog post idea make sure you read through articles we have published in the past to get a good grasp of what type of content we use. That is the essential part of our guest post guidelines. Our site focuses on a specific range of topics so please make sure you read these submission guidelines carefully. We won’t be accepting guest posts that don’t meet the requirements listed below. Several Saas-related subjects are available so you can choose the one for your guest post article entirely.

This is why reporting tools are necessary – they help you organize, analyze, and give context to data. Write for Us SAAS. You can increase your credibility as a SAAS content contributor and grow as an experienced author with us. As a content creator, you should understand those variations.

The grammar part of the content must be correct, and the writing must be short and crisp. Try to use simple English words rather than complicated words. You need to write your original content, which is very important. You need to put relevant details about SaaS and your software. Try to make short paragraphs to make it easy for the readers to read. Will help you to understand what you should know before selling the software.

We haveto talk about this first because choosing to write on top of funnel, introductory topics is the “original sin” issue that’s the source of so many of the other writing issues we discuss below. They write generic blog introductions that cause readers to immediately bounce. Now, let’s begin by covering the biggest issues we see in how most SaaS companies and writers produce SaaS content. Some clients may decide that product ease-of-use is the top trait they want to convey; others want their audience to think that they are a super fun company to work with. Whatever you choose, you’ll be defining the primary direction of your copy. Guest blogging has several benefits to offer you.

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