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When you write a guest post, you reap several benefits, such as generating traffic to the website you’re writing for. You also get the chance to develop relationships with some peers in your industry, while also improving your brand’s credibility. The most successful startup stories in offer valuable information to emerging startups and small businesses. Be to the point, Simple, Generic, and most importantly Engaging. Advice, Mistakes can only be easily understood with examples and readers can easily relate to themselves. Senior Executive Media, of course, seeks to maximize traffic to every published piece, optimizing it for search and featuring it on social media and in our email newsletter.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Submit news or submit content that is actually related. Sugermint is India’s fastest-growing digital marketing platform for Indian entrepreneurs. It covers Indian Entrepreneur Success Stories, motivational stories of women entrepreneurs, Inspirational stories of startups. We welcome you to submit a guest post on the our esteem platform.

The content of OC Partnership is narrowly concentrated on business, finance, and real estate. is tightly focused on startup stories, lifestyle, and business news content. If your startup founder or CEO is interested to write for us.

We do not publish articles that have already been published on our website. We’re seeking a wide range of business people to write informative, insightful and interesting articles for our website. After you have pitched an idea for an article, we will select one of the topics that you have suggested from the available options and offer it to you to write about. We welcome individual writers and bloggers to write for us and contribute high-quality content to the Leave Dates blog.

Please understand that we cannot respond to every pitch and will ultimately assign only the very best ideas. If you are submitting multiple pitches in one email, please number them for easier communication. A summary, no more than 300 words, of your idea — including any news hook or urgency, revealing data, and potential sources.

We thoroughly research all of our content to guarantee that our viewers comprehend the topic at hand. We want your post to be intriguing, but it shouldn’t be too short. Long, to the point, well-written material is likewise appreciated by search engines. Articles should have a minimum word count of 1500 words.

The problem is, no generator can create the story behind your business. About Us pages are unique to your business and should be written with consideration in mind. Putting a face to your brand helps to humanize it, communicate your company culture, and shine a light on the people who power your business.

It’s key to remember that this approach doesn’t have to be boring. Add ingredients that showcase what makes your brand great. Consider using animation to show instead of telling how your product comes together.

If this is not satisfied, we will reject your submitted article. Here are some of the points to look, at before you contribute a guest blogging for zetran. And for those who are already well into their own story, it might be worth taking a look at your analytics to see if new visitors are regularly stopping by your About Us page. Learn how to improve your website copy with our free, curated list of high-impact articles. A good About Us page doesn’t just tell the story behind a company—it shows it.

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