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With a wide variety of content from guides, reviews, tutorials, and news, our goal is to keep up to date with this fast-moving industry. Additionally emphasizing guest blogs about the newest technology. Our editors value stories that describe cutting-edge technology. Conduct keyword research to assist your content rank higher in the search engines before you start writing. Our main goal is to give our readers reliable, accurate, sincere, and real technology content. All of the general guidelines related to content quality, keyword density, heading tags, sentence length, etc., should be followed in the proper manner.

Provide us your LinkedIn and other social media profiles . During the early years of application development, the testing phase was usually conducted… This will give you the benefit of getting leads and traffic directly to your website. So if you relate to any of the categories that we have mentioned then email us at or visit our Submit Blog post page. Reach an audience of more than 2.3 million active marketing professionals.


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By ‘approachable’ we mean that some of the issues we face on this planet are, well, planetary in scale, and as such they can seem insurmountable. We aim to make these challenges easier to understand, breaking them down into bite-sized pieces, and ideally inspiring our readers to take positive, perhaps even small, steps towards change. If you have an article about technologies, companies, leaders or research that aspires to help achieve one or more of the United Nations SDGs, then we’re keen to hear from you. This website is open to high quality guest articles aligned with our Tech With Purpose focus. We will last on the terms and conditions that we have mentioned above. Your article will be reviewed and responded to within 72 hours.

The maximum length of the article content should be at least 800+ words specified with title and their respective headings and sub-headings(H1, H2, H3…) arranged in proper sequence. We are assuming that you have accepted our above terms and then only you are sending us content. Carol Tice started Make a Living Writing to assist writers earn money writing by finding more lucrative gigs and also to help freelancers learn how to advance and make more money. Your article can be published for an entire life on our website. The article has to be precise and fresh; the object has to be informative and appealing with the right manner including a heading, subheading.

You can take the advantage to be on the top of our website page as we are accepting blogs by our users. Article will live on our website maximum for only 6 month not a permanent post for guest bloggers please note it. Here is the list of rules that you and your article must follow in order to contribute as a guest writer.

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